Landscape Design in Blackheath

Blackheath Landscape

This new landscape design project in Blackheath is a small garden in a conservation area.  The garden narrows towards the rear, and the existing layout emphasises the diminutive size and irregular shape.  The new design includes a sizable terrace at the same level as a small orangery attached to the property, creating new eating and entertaining space for the owners and their family and friends.

Blackheath Plant Palette

The new layout utilises a non-rectilinear geometry that cleverly disguises the irregular shape of the garden.  By creating a false perspective - siting what appears to be a vainishing point towards one corner of the garden, the new design creates an illusion of both width and depth.

The design is sympathetic to the heritage of the site - using reclaimed stone and wood and traditional cottage garden plants - albeit in a contemporary colour palette.  Deep moody blues, rusts and inky purples complement the colours used in the modern interior and update the traditional English garden style to suit the geometry of the new garden.